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The disorganized departure of American troops from Afghanistan was difficult to watch and even more difficult for patriotic Americans to contemplate.

 On the one hand, Joe Biden is congratulating himself for an extraordinary success,” despite the fact that his policies resulted in the death of 13 American soldiers, the abandonment of Americans behind enemy lines, and the loss of 85 billion dollars in military equipment.

On the other hand, conservative pundits are denouncing the withdrawal as an historically humiliating defeat – an immense failure by an incompetent administration and a mentally deficient commander-in-chief.

In my view, this public debate over the incompetence of the Biden administration is yet another smokescreen designed to disguise what just happened.

And what just happened was the largest surrender of the military weapons and machinery in the history of mankind.  And at the same time, the airlift of more than one hundred thousand of Americas enemies inside her borders.

This is nothing less than the intentional destruction of our defense capacity, the murder of American troops by their own commander in chief, and the deployment of the enemy behind our lines.

Did this happen because our leaders are incompetent?

Or did it happen because our leaders are our enemy?

There is no question that Joe Biden is incompetent.

But, under the guise of Bidens stupidity is the very real evidence of his treason – and that of many others.

This is not a question of competence.

This is a question of allegiance.

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