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"Help Institute on the Constitution defend against those in opposition to God's Word."

Dr. Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

"Thanks for inviting me to be a part of Institute on the Constitution. May God prosper you and your endeavors for Him! God Bless!"

Historian David Barton, Wallbuilders

It is your duty to know the U.S. Constitution! This is a great place to learn about it!!

Steve Farrell

"Institute on the Constitution classes should be taken by every elected official, and every U.S. citizen who desires to have the United States governed Constitutionally."

Rep. Ron Paul

Good course to help you understand the thinking of the founding fathers and the influence that God had over them.

Joan Hourigan

This is an excellent source of information about the Constitution and how citizens are to respond to the threats facing our Republic! Our representatives in DC could learn a thing or two!

Scott Eisenhart

This is great, everyone needs to learn about the Constitution and how it protects citizens from the government.

Polly Vaughan

Don't miss this course! Excellent.

Melissa Baitz

Knowledge is power. If you take one civics/history course this is the one to take. Learn about the liberty the founders left you.

Tom Dolan

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