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Resource 5.2 – IOTC Services

IOTC Services

We at the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) are here to help you educate members of your church family and surrounding community about the Biblical Founding of the United States of America!  Please visit our website,  Here are some of the educational services that we offer:


  1. Sign up to receive a weekly IOTC e-newsletter which includes a short You-Tube Constitutional Commentary on a current event.


  1. 12-week Constitution courses, both online and in person.


  1. Training materials for how to lead our 12-week Constitution course.


  1. This 4-lesson course on The Truth of America’s Founding – Your Heritage & Mine, with all materials necessary for anyone, anywhere to host and lead it.
  2. Training materials to lead a Summer Liberty Camps for kids, grades 4-8.
  3. American Clubs for students at the high school and college levels.
  4. Resources for purchase to use in your church library and in Sunday School and Bible Study classes.

8. Inspirational guest speakers to talk about America’s foundations, and introduce these educational            programs to your church members or community groups.

Please contact us for more information on these and other resources available from the IOTC!


Jake MacAulay, President

Institute on the Constitution

8028 Ritchie Highway, Suite 211

Pasadena, MD  21122


(866) 730-9796