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Why Are We Following Fauci?

by Michael Peroutka

For several weeks, Dr. Anthony Fauci has appeared on national television delivering predictions of COVID-19 cases and deaths, and issuing guidance to both state officials and to citizens.

Based on Fauci’s grim pandemic predictions, Governors across the country have implemented lockdowns that violate the God-given rights they were sworn to defend,

But almost everything Fauci has said has been wrong.

On March 11, Fauci said that the COVID-19 mortality rate was "ten times worse" than seasonal flu – about one half million.

On March 30, based on a revised model, he lowered his prediction to 200,000 deaths.

Then, on April 9, Fauci said the death toll would only be around 60,000 – roughly the same as a common flu season.

[Furthermore, data shows that people under 65 without underlying conditions have a very small risk of dying from Covid-19.]

So, despite the unprecedented hype, the virus is no worse than the flu. 

And the crushing of the economy, the bankruptcies and suicides and overdoses and unemployment and suspended access to healthcare wasn’t necessary.

And, Fauci is still at it.

On CNN on April 10 he recommended that the government issue certificates of immunity that people would be required to carry in order to move around freely.

Given that his models and his revised models and all his predictions are failures, the fact that Donald “you’re fired!” Trump hasn’t fired Fauci, worries me. 

It makes me wonder what else is going on.


[Since his models and his revised models and all his predictions are failures, why is the President still listening to Fauci and his phonies?

Why is Trump talking about a phasing in of the economy predicated on testing and vaccinations?

And why are we talking about a “new normal”?

Get government out of the way and let’s get back to the “old normal”.

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