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The Question Before Us

by Michael Peroutka

More and more we are hearing from doctors and other health professionals questioning whether the dangers of coronavirus have been overstated and that the reaction to it has been overblown.

Even beyond the controversial reports concerning the downsizing of virus lethality by Dr. Neil Ferguson, the Imperial College London scientist whose research influenced early public policy, other medical voices are casting doubt on the necessity of the current extreme response to the current crisis.

As we struggle to separate the emotions from the issues and parse our way through the political agendas of the presenters, we seem to be facing a question that I first heard during the Vietnam era.

“Are we going to destroy the village in order to save it?”

Let me put it this way:

Which of these two options would you choose?

Would you like to have your livelihood, your liberty, your peace of mind, your religious freedom, your Constitutional government; and a have a chance of getting a virus that you will almost certainly survive?


Would you like to have your livelihood destroyed, your liberty lost, your religious freedom lost, live under a police state; and have a chance of getting a virus that you will almost certainly survive?

How do you want to live?

This is Michael Anthony Peroutka for the Institute in the Constitution bringing you “The American View”