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Not a Socialist Country?

by Michael Peroutka

It seems like only yesterday that President Trump firmly declared, “America will never be a socialist country”.

Well, as they say:

“That was yesterday…and yesterday’s gone.”

In an abrupt departure from his earlier rhetoric, the president has signed on to the most massive socialist scheme in history including a multi-trillion dollar plan to make direct payments to families and individuals along with bailouts for both small and large businesses.

There is, of course, no authority granted to him by the Constitution to do these things.

In the name of emergency, the President and the Congress have jettisoned the rule of law.

If putting cash in the hands of everyday American is the goal there is a fair and a constitutional – that is to say – lawful way to do it.

Here the plan:

 Immediately suspend the collection of withheld, as well as estimated taxes.

Rebate to taxpayers all payments by them made thus far, for the tax year 2020.

Rebate to every taxpayer the amount of taxes he paid in 2019.

Make a subsequent determination regarding rebating tax payments from 2018 and earlier.

This is an eminently fair way to deal with all parties.

And, it is a lawful plan.

And, because IRS already has the data, it is doable.

AND, best of all, it is NOT socialist.