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The Nebraska Patriots

The Nebraska Patriots

by Dominic MacAulay

In the middle of the month of April, Jake MacAulay flew to Ord, Nebraska where a gathering of Patriotic Americans awaited. Among them were IOTC Chapter Leaders, Tressa Nelson and Stephanie Shade. 

The venues, chosen by Tressa and Stephanie, were a small downtown theater and a church that altogether hosted more than 100 of the townspeople whose hearts burned with a passion for freedom. An all of this took place during and under COVID-19 lockdowns.

This is a perfect example of the ability we, as Americans, have to stand together, resist tyranny, and educate ourselves on the freedoms and rights we have been given by God. 

A special thanks to IOTC's Nebraska chapter leaders, Tressa Nelson and Stephanie Shade, for sponsoring and hosting this event! Keep up the excellent, patriotic work!