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The Church and State Radio Program

By Dominic MacAulay

Former City Councilman and County Councilman, Caleb Collier, and Pastor, Gabe Blomgren, decided that it is time for a syndicated radio show to take on the topic of Church and State. Rather than just discussing, it they took action and started the show. Bringing the perspective of a Pastor and a state official, they launched the Church and State radio program. Who better to take on the topic?

Michael and Jake had the privileged to join them both in the studio for two sessions of content as well as a youtube live party. 

Using the media to further the Gospel and the message of liberty under God is what all God’s servants should strive to do. 

Our hats our off to Gabe Blomgren and Caleb Collier for their witness and tenacious fight, and from all of us here at IOTC, thank you for your hard work.