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Surprise at Spokane Covenant Christian School

Surprise at Spokane Covenant Christian School

by Dominic MacAulay

Here at Institute on the Constitution, we consider it our mission to educate and win the youth of America, and it is always a blessing when our efforts towards this goal are successful. We find that speaking to the youth in a language that they can understand and in a volume that can overcome the screaming of an immoral culture is by far the best way to reach them tastefully.


We are grateful for amazing schools like Covenant Christian School in Spokane, WA, for allowing our very own, Jake MacAulay, share our message of the American View with their students. 


One of the mothers of a student who attended had this to say about her experience:


“My daughter came home today talking all about you (Jake)! Normally, I ask how her day went and what she learned, and her answer is generally a monotone ‘nothing much’. Not today, she came home exclaiming, ‘Mom, did you know abortion is illegal in America?’


I answered with, ‘Yes. It is written on an important government document…’


‘What document?’ She asked.


‘The Constitution?’


‘Yes!' she exclaimed, ‘There was a man at our school who told us all about it!’


This short conversation encompasses the impact of the Institute on the Constitution: reaching the next generation, speaking their language, and making it relevant to them. We are so thankful and are encouraged by stories like these as we hope you are as well.


Please pray for us that the Lord will continue to open doors for us to broadcast this message in more schools across the country! If you would like to be a part of this, it requires nothing more than inviting us to your local school. The harvest is ready, Americans. Will you also answer the call and tend the fields?