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#ReopenOhio with Susan Boggs

#ReopenOhio with Susan Boggs
by Dominic MacAulay
IOTC Instructor Susan Boggs was determined redress her grievances to an out-of-control Ohio Governor. 
Here is her statement- 


"Ohioans gathered April 18 to stand against our governor’s  actions during the corona virus crisis.  This was not a rally of the white, middle class.  This was a rally of people of all different ages, race, and economic status who were (and still are) hurting.  Not only were people exercising their right to peaceful protest, but like music to my ears, they spoke their understanding of their Constitutional Rights and how those rights were being violated. People in Ohio want to work, and this rally was just one of many that have taken place to make sure the governor hears the message.”
We have numerous IOTC chapter leaders, teachers, and graduates joining masses of people at their capitals demanding government obey their constitutions and oaths of office.