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Michael Peroutka and Everett Boone's Liberty Forum

Michael Peroutka and Everett Boone's Liberty Forum

by Dominic MacAulay

IOTC Chapter Leader, Everett Boone, held a Liberty Forum among fellow patriots in Franklin County, Virginia. The forum was sponsored by pastor Bill & Theresa Pagen and was held in their church, Callaway Church of God. The forum was attended by an upwards of one hundred people and was led by fantastic speakers including Krisanne Hall, Shahram Hadrian, Pastor Bill Pagen, and our very own Michael Peroutka.

Topics of this event ranged with a wide variety including the context of America's founding, the liberties and rights bestowed on law abiding citizens, the freedom of religion guaranteed to all religious sects, the illegalities of our modern government's actions, and, perhaps most importantly, the duties of the church and the American people.

We would love to give a huge thanks to Everett Boone and Pastor Bill and Theresa Pagen for their gracious hosting this event and their continuous hard work! We cannot wait until we can once again reunite with such an irate group of Patriots.