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Christian Family Home Educators

Christian Family Home Educators
By Dominic Macaulay
In Spokane Valley, WA, Christian Family Home Educators (CFHE) brought the Institute on the Constitution back to speak to their students for the second time in six months. The wonderful women that comprise the board of CFHE are such a tremendous blessing to their community, and we are so thankful that they graciously allowed us to use their resources for the betterment of the American populace. The evidence of CFHE's excellent work and their reach in their community is seen in the over forty people that attended the meeting!
Michael and Jake tag teamed two separate lectures from our U.S. Constitution course for this eager audience. The lectures were published on Facebook live for an extended audience on the CFHE page. In addition to meetings like this one, this group also runs a homeschool co-op that offers our 12 Lecture Constitution course as a United States Government Civics credit for their students. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is getting Liberty done! We would also like to give a big thank you to our Washington State Chapter Leader, Bob Peck, for connecting us with this amazing group!