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Callaway Church and the Separation of Church and Separation

During the COVID shutdown distraught with calamities of Christian Leadership, there are still Christian Churches fulfilling the calling of God to gather together and preach the His Bible. Callaway Church of God is one such Church pastored by Bill & Theresa Pagen, a true example of Christian shepherds. We pray the rest of America's pulpits awaken and fulfill their Pastoral obligations as those of Callaway church are.

Upon invitation from Pastor Bill, Jake and Dominic MacAulay joined our founder Michael Anthony Peroutka as he shared the true meaning of the tragic deception of Separation of Church and state. This is a topic many confuse, but one that we, Christian Americans, understand in its completion.

As Michael pointed out, there is a separation between the authorities and jurisdictions of bother Church and State. However, there never has been and never will be a separation between the State and God, its creator. God's authority extends over all branches of government just as the roof of a house extends over every wall underneath it. 

Yes, there is a separation between the power of the Church and the State, but there is no such separation between the State and God.