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Alex Deputie and His Class of 2020

Alex Deputie and His Class of 2020
by Dominic MacAulay
Allow me to introduce you to Alex Deputie (seen on the right) and his graduation class of 2020.
This class consisted of three men from Alex's church, two of which are  juniors in high school. Alex even took one of them to the Minnesota state capital, Saint Paul, and gave them a tour, setting example to him on how to engage with their state representatives concerning certain topics he and the DFL representative disagreed on. Alex added this real life experience to the course to make it practical and applicable. One of the students Alex taught is self-employed and was very encouraged to take more interest in politics.
In addition to this class, Alex has also captivated the interest of four or five more college age to high school age young people at his church.
In his own words, "The plan is to take this spring and summer off and apply what I have learned. I am going to my state Capitol (that being Saint Paul) to talk to my representatives about their stances on issues and encourage them to vote Constitutionally. I’ve already gotten a state representative interested in your (Institute on the Constitution's) course. My prayer is to teach the representatives your course at the state Capitol and help educate them to us their power to make Constitutional decisions.