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12 Graduate Our 12 Lecture Course!

There are times when my travels are extra rewarding, and tonight was one of them! My family and I had the privilege of sitting with this group of educators, ministers, and political figures who just completed our 12-lecture constitution course were looking to strategize on how they can take the message to their community in a larger level. Thank you, Tom and Carole Hayes, Anne and Gene Lucas, Chuck and Lynn Benoit, Mark and Amparo Oxner, (Mark is an Osceola County Republican Executive Committee Chairman) Judy Braland, Dee Dombrowski, Ron and Nancy VonBherans, (Ron teaches the Constitution at Valencia Community College.)


Ron stated after graduating our 12 lecture Constitution course with this group that, “I recently completed the Institute on the Constitution twelve-week course.  The course on the Constitution was narrated by Jake MacAulay.  Jake's narration and the course material were excellent.  I have been teaching U.S. Government at the college level for over 30 years.  I will be incorporating a significant amount of the course material into my course for the fall.  I would highly recommend the course for anyone who wishes to substantially increase his or her knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.”

The American people are taking a stand against tyranny. You are not alone in your pursuit of freedom. There are thousands of people partaking in the same pursuit, and we will not back down until our victory is won!