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Michelle Parsons - IOTC Instructor



 Dr. Michelle Parsons is truly a remarkable individual, blending her extensive medical expertise with a rich background in military service and community engagement. As a combat veteran and former flight surgeon in the USAF, she has faced and conquered challenges in some of the most demanding environments, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to excellence and service.

Her journey through medical education, from Rutgers University to Thomas Jefferson University, reflects her dedication to learning and advancing in her field. Dr. Parsons' internships in General Surgery at the State University of New York and residency in Emergency Medicine at Christiana Hospital equipped her with a diverse skill set that she now applies to her practice.

Her dedication to patient care extends beyond traditional medicine, as evidenced by her pursuit of additional training in Laser, Cosmetic procedures, and Women’s Health. This diverse skill set has positioned her as a leader in the field of aesthetic medicine, earning her recognition as a Top Doctor in The Delaware’s Women’s Journal in 2012.

Dr. Parsons' commitment to excellence is further exemplified by her board certification in emergency medicine and specialized training in surgery and aesthetic medicine. Her proficiency in advanced Botox administration and filler techniques, coupled with her Platinum Allergan practitioner status, underscores her expertise and dedication to providing top-notch care to her patients.

Since 2006, Dr. Parsons has been making a difference in the lives of her patients at ReNove Medical Spa in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Whether through in-person consultations or discreet telephone and email consultations, she remains accessible to those seeking her expertise and guidance.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Parsons remains actively engaged in her community, serving as the President and RDC of Delaware's 38th District Republican Club and sharing her knowledge and experience as a teacher.

In summary, Dr. Michelle Parsons is a true patriot, military veteran, and exemplary medical professional whose dedication to excellence, service, and patient care sets her apart in her field.

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