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Larry Mayo - President of the Institute On The Constitution



Larry D. Mayo- of Lewes, Delaware, musician, recording artist, public speaker, radio personality, amateur historian, and certified Institute on the Constitution senior instructor and president.

After nearly a decade of studying our founding documents and the men who wrote them, he realized just how little most of us have been taught about them, and has made it his passion to change that. As a certified instructor for the Institute on the Constitution he has spent the past seven years presenting our U.S. Constitution course. Having grown up at what is now the Delaware Seashore State Park and holding a deep love for Delaware he embarked on the task of developing our course “A Complete Study of The Delaware State Constitution” as a major part of his passion to restore our state government to its proper constitutional role.

As Thomas Jefferson said “ Anyone who desires to remain ignorant and free, desires what never was and never will be.”

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