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Chris - Vice President of the Institute On The Constitution


Chris Rowe: Champion of Constitutional Education

Chris Rowe is a dynamic leader dedicated to restoring the American Republic through education. As Vice President of the Institute on the Constitution, Chris believes that "if you do not know your rights, how do you know that they are being violated?" His mission is to restore the republic one class at a time, ensuring that the principles upon which the United States was founded are understood and upheld by every citizen.

Chris recently appeared on the "Ask Ralph" podcast on February 17, 2024, where he shared his extensive knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. During the episode titled "Understanding Your Constitutional Rights with Chris Rowe," he discussed the significance of the Constitution, its origins, and the profound impact a thorough understanding can have on individuals. The conversation highlighted how constitutional knowledge should guide citizens in their daily lives and inform their voting decisions. Chris also stressed the importance of integrating these fundamental concepts into the education system to safeguard our rights and freedoms.

In addition to his work with the Institute on the Constitution, Chris is also a respected mortgage broker in Delaware. His expertise in the mortgage industry is well-recognized, and he enjoys helping clients achieve their financial goals. However, his primary passion remains educating citizens about their constitutional rights and responsibilities.

Chris Rowe continues to make a significant impact on his community by empowering individuals with the knowledge of their constitutional rights and guiding them towards a more informed and active civic life.

Chris Rowe, Vice President
Institute on the Constitution