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LIVE CLASS March 7th - April 18th Seaford, Delaware

LIVE CLASS March 7th - April 18th Seaford, Delaware

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A Comprehensive Study of the Delaware State Constitution

  • Beginning Thursday March 7th, 2024
  • 6:30 - 9:00pm for 7 consecutive weeks
  • At Lickety Splits Ice Cream
    22992 Sussex Highway
    Seaford, DE 19973

Class is free by registration is required by purchasing this free product.

Come early and enjoy a great dinner and dessert before our free classes!

Students, Parents and Grandparents - Take this opportunity to touch the hearts and minds of your generation and the next. You hold the keys to the future. Come learn your Godly Delaware heritage and birthright.

Delaware Constitution Course

Do you know your Delaware history? Do you know your rights? Well enough to defend them? To teach them to others?

Take our quiz and test yourself:

  1. What makes Delaware's Amendment process unique?
  2. Do you have a right to pray in public, including school or government meetings?
  3. Is our Delaware government a Democracy?
  4. Can the Legislature restrict a right in Delaware's Bill of Rights?

There is an optional but highly recommended workbook available called Delaware State Constitution Course and you can order it here.

In this highly acclaimed 7-week Constitution course, you will learn:

  • From the Bible: Explore the origins of history, law and government and your rights
  • From Stories: Look at history through the eyes of our Founders with primary source materials. Discover original intent.
  • From the Constitution: Extrapolate and apply the principles from the Delaware Constitution to modern-day issues of freedom and liberty.

“This class was fascinating. It brings tears to my eyes to learn of the good men in history. It gives you a grounded pride about our heritage, who we are, and convicts you to try to make a difference.”
- Paula, Homeschool Mom


  1. Delaware is the only State that the people do not vote to ratify Amendments
  2. Yes, according to Article 1, Section 1
  3. No, we are a republic
  4. No, those rights don't come from government