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U.S. Constitution Course Student Manual
U.S. Constitution Course Student Manual

U.S. Constitution Course Student Manual

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Benefits of this course:

1. This course was created using ONLY primary source documents; allowing students to read exactly what our founders & founding documents state. No opinions or summaries are present like in today's school textbooks.

2. Students learn about events and views of our founders leading up to the first draft of the Constitution. This gives students a contextual understanding of the words written.

3. Words and definitions change over time. Our course was written to help students understand the words of the Constitution as the writers understood them.


Included in the manual:

  • One-spiral bound notebook for easy note-taking
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge after each lesson
  • Lesson notes for all 12 lessons
  • Supplemental Homework Reading Included: The Mayflower Compact, How Tyranny Came to America, much more...

*U.S. Constitution Course Student Manual was designed to accompany the U.S. Constitution Course 12-Lecture Series. You may purchase them both separately, or in a kit.

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