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What We Really Need This Election

What We Really Need This Election

by Jake and Dominic MacAulay

America was once a bastion of liberty where government understood constitutional boundaries and feared the repercussions of encroaching on individual liberties. Tragically the events of this past year have revealed just how far we have devolved from thinking American. In addition to a tyrannizing government, the people of the land have become subject to illogical hatred, division, and violence.


This exceptionally rampant state of decay is nothing more than an indication of the loss of the previously shared sets of principles and values America was founded with. Over time, the moral foundation of American life and government has been cast aside and replaced by an age of irresponsibility and convenience.


As a result, the America that once was is now the America that is no more. In a short two hundred years, the people of America have forgotten the firm reliance on God that our founders had. The unity under the moral law of God has been dispersed into passionate and unresolved debates and a people who can only seem to acknowledge their own wants and desires. No longer is there natural moral code that reigns over the minds, actions, and speech of the American people. Now it simply seems to be, “My way, and if you disagree, you’re a hater.”


This new type of rhetoric has corroded away the basic principles and understanding of truth that America was founded on. In its wake, the desecration of property and liberty through such things as riots and mask mandates have assumed full control over the people of America. Justice has been thwarted. Reason has been forgotten. And an overall hatred and carelessness has spread throughout America infecting the minds of her people.


The laws of nature and nature’s God have been cast aside because of their supposed hateful, bigoted, and sexist connotations. The enforcement of justice has become hatred in the public eye. The holy sanctity of marriage has become bigoted and hateful because of the restrictions it places on so called “love.” And the right to life for the unborn is now considered sexist because it controls a woman’s “body.”


Following the dismissal of God’s laws in America, the Constitution has also been carelessly tossed aside. The allowance of illegal governmental control and the outright transgressions of its citizens’ rights have been seen all the more in the past year. The people of America, in an act of rebellion against God, have traded his laws for those of a tyrannical government.


And now, after seeing the effects of placing all their hope in their favorite political party, the American people have resolved to do this once again for the upcoming election day. Let me be clear: the only one we can place our trust in to save us in this time of crisis is God and God alone. Relying on a president alone to save the day will result only in a loss of rights, freedom, and eventually the life we all enjoy.


So please, join me in returning America to God and His law as our foundation. If we desire real change we must bend our knee to the Creator as our authority. He is our only defense and our ever present help in time of need.


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