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Lawlessness Breeds Lawlessness


Across America, many Governors, County Executives, and lesser officials have blatantly and completely violated the God-given and constitutionally protected rights they have sworn an oath to protect and defend.

Using fear, fake statistics, and the cover story of a health emergency, they have criminally and treasonously aided and abetted our country’s enemies. Their subversion, inversion, and perversion of American law is so base, so vulgar, and so massive that, should the country (indeed the world) survive their wicked designs, nothing less than Nuremberg style tribunals will be necessary to redress the evil they have unleashed.

And, because lawlessness breeds lawlessness, the evil they have unleashed is multiplied and spread throughout the country just like (excuse me) a virus.

Here’s just one example from my home state.

Citing a spike in violent crime in Baltimore, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan recently announced that he will conduct a thorough investigation into the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office.

Hogan strongly rebuked Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby for plea bargaining too many serious crimes and for failing to prosecute others.

Now, I do not bring this to your attention to offer any defense of State’s Attorney Mosby.

But, in light of the colossal and continuing criminal conduct of Hogan over these past two years, every breathing soul has to be aghast at the boundless hypocrisy of this pretender to power.

For, no other man in the 400-year history of this state has damaged it so dreadfully and so completely.

Hogan’s contempt for the people of Maryland and for their liberties, is unspeakable.

Witness his pretended assumption of lawmaking power.

Witness his misuse of the police power which constitutionally resides in the people.

Witness his threats to imprison legislators who oppose his mandates.

Witness his complicity with others to enforce lawless lockdowns, mandates, edicts and orders.

Witness his closing of churches and interference with the free exercise of religion and assembly.

Witness his forced isolation of the sick and elderly from loved ones.

No man in the history of the “Free State” has so viciously assailed freedom.

Lawlessness breeds lawlessness.  And because we have a lawless governor, and a lawless president, we have lawlessness everywhere.

So, Hogan’s claim that Mosby has failed to prosecute criminals is true in one respect.  So far, she has failed to prosecute him.


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Gov. Hogan Announces Investigation Of Marilyn Mosbys Office, Threatens Hold On Funding Amid Crime Wave

By Ava-joye BurnettNovember 23, 2021 at 11:12 pm

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