by Michael Peroutka


During a recent vacation in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains I was driving on a long and winding downgrade at about 70 miles per hour when a very unusual and disturbing thing happened. 


Suddenly, the striped white lines which had divided the lanes of traffic --disappeared.  With the lane dividers gone, I suddenly became much more aware of the road – and the huge trucks which were hurtling down the steep grade alongside me. 


It is hard to describe the discomfort I felt and the uncertainty of whether these trucks and other vehicles would stray into the path of my little car. 


The rate of speed, the winding nature of the road and the lack of clarity about the rules of the road made me very glad when the white lines finally re-appeared about eight miles later.


Later still, it occurred to me that this experience was an example of what happens when our civil government becomes lawless. 


Here’s what I mean…


We the people, delegate to the civil government, the authority to take action to defend our God-given right to life, liberty, and property.  But throughout history, it has been the tendency of governments to become the abuser of rights.


Our government in Washington is now abusing us with a cruel vengeance.  When it ignores the Constitution, when it stops being the servant and seeks to be the master of the people, then the government is a huge tractor trailer careening down the mountain crushing anything in its path and causing other vehicles to crash into each other.


You see, Lawlessness breeds lawlessness. 


When the government doesn’t respect the law, no one else does and no one is safe. 


We need a government we can trust – one that abides by the rule of the Constitution.  We need a government that will stay in its lane – and drive carefully and respectfully.


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